This clinic has been part of the AXA-PPP Physiotherapy Network since 1995.

As part of their terms we are required to re-contract with them every 2 years.

We have been negotiating our on-going contract since May 2017 and have been unable to agree a small fee elevation for the 3rd consecutive contract term. Like BUPA, AXA continue to bully the marketplace driving fees ever downwards and removing patients choice as to who they consult with.
We have decided that AXA-PPP no longer satisfy our terms of business and we are not renewing our arrangements with them.

We can still provide AXA-PPP patients with our expert services but unfortunately we will not be able to submit your account to them for direct settlement.

If you need to reclaim the costs of your physiotherapy treatment through AXA-PPP you will need to discuss this issue with them.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our loyal patients.

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