Our Terms and Conditions

We hope our policy is as clear as possible. It can be upsetting for people when they miss or have to re-arrange appointments often for genuine and stressful reasons.

It is put in place to protect the livelihoods of our team who do not get paid when an appointment is not kept, as is common practice in healthcare provision.

We hope you graciously accept our policy as it helps to ensure that we will still be here when you next need us.

Booking Appointments
Appointments are made in good faith of your attendance. Bookings can be made via telephone, text message, email our website contact form or in person.

Verbal appointments are not normally confirmed. Appointments made by other means will be confirmed by appointment card, email or text message.

Re-arranging Appointments
We are happy to alter the time of your appointment.

To help with the smooth running of the clinic and to avoid wasted appointments we ask for 12 hours notice for re-arranging appointments. It is not always possible to re-allocate appointments at shorter notice.

Cancellation of appointments
We understand that appointment may on occasion need to be cancelled at very short notice often because of genuine and stressful reasons.

Appointments cancelled or re-arranged within 2 hours of the appointment time will be charged at the full rate.

Appointments that are cancelled between 2 – 12 hours are charged at a reduced rate of £30.

Missed Appointments
Appointments that are booked and not attended are charged at the full cost of the appointment.

Payment Terms
Assessment and Treatment Fees are payable at the time of your appointment. Payment may be made with cash or by personal cheque.

We can also accept direct bank transfer payments. Please ask for our bank details at the time of your treatment should you wish to pay in this way.
We respectfully ask that unless alternative arrangements have been agreed, that payments are made on the day of your treatment.
Please reference your payment with your name and initial. If you are paying for a friend or family member please use their name and initial.

Under certain circumstances and at our discretion, we may offer Payments on Account. We will add a £5 administration charge to your account to cover our charges. We respectfully request that where this is offered payments are within 14 days of invoice.

If payments have not been received within 14 days we will send you a reminder. Payments that are not received within 21 days will be subject to a 10% administrative fee. Payments that are not received within 31 days will be subject to a further 10% administrative fee.

Accounts that remain un-settled after 60 days will be pursued through the small claims court without further notice.

Invoices are usually given by hand, emailed or occasionally mailed.

We are able to provide a receipt for your treatments and invoices. Please make this request at the time of your treatments.

Direct settlement of accounts by your insurer
If you are covered by a Health Insurance Policy it is your responsibility to make sure this has been authorised by them before you attend for your Initial Assessment.

Please bring the authorisation details with you to your first appointment. Details will normal include your Membership Number, Group Number and a Claim Reference.

If you have an excess payment on your policy please inform us at the outset of treatment. We will make a note of this on your records and will expect this to be paid on or before your last treatment.

Some frequently asked questions

1) What if I am suddenly taken ill?
We care for people often with complex medical needs. Although we understand that health conditions can change fairly suddenly please give this consideration before committing to making an appointment. We care greatly about the well being of our patients but we have this policy to protect our team.

2) What if an unavoidable situation arises at short notice?
Sickness of a friend or family member, accidents, traffic problems, parking difficulties, strikes and severe weather may all prevent you from keeping your appointment.

We appreciate that when people do not attend they have serious or distressing reasons for not doing so, however, our policy exists to protect our team.

3) What if my employer has asked me to work late?
Employers often may demands of their staff at short notice.

We suggest you explain to them that where as you are often happy to work late, you have a previous appointment for which you will be charged if you do not attend.

Your employer may offer to cover the cost if they cannot manage without you or may understand and make alternative arrangements.

We can confirm your appointment if needed though an appointment card will often be more than enough.

4) What if I am running late?
If you are running a few minutes late we are normally able to complete your treatment in full.

If you are running very late we may only be able to administer a part of your treatment due to the subsequent appointments.

If it is possible please send us a quick text message to let us know what is happening.

Remember we will not keep you waiting when a previous appointment has started late.

5) What if the practice is running late?
It is rare that we are not able to see you at your allotted appointment time.

As a medical practice we occasionally have to deal with serious incidents e.g. a patient who has collapsed or needs emergency treatment.

We will let you know if there are any reasons why your appointment may run a few minutes overdue.

We thank you for your understanding.

6) What if the practice has to cancel my appointment?
We will only cancel or re-arrange your appointment in extreme circumstance. We will give you as much notice as we possibly can and will endeavor to give you at least 12 hours notice.

If you attend for an appointment that has been double booked and it has been our fault we will discuss the options available. Please ensure you bring your appointment card with you. We may be able to offer you an appointment at a later time or re-arrange it for a different day. If it is our fault we will cover the cost of your next appointment.

7) What if I need to cancel an appointment when the clinic is closed?
If you need to cancel or re-arrange an appointment please do so as soon as it becomes necessary.

Our landline and mobile phone numbers are switched on 24 hours a day and all calls or text messages are time logged for our mutual convenience.

We are also able to receive emails to change or cancel your appointment. Our email address is hestbankphysio@btinternet.com

As our phones and email are monitored 24 hours a day, please do not wait until a working day to cancel your apppointment as we may be able to offer your appointment to someone on our waiting list for a cancellation.


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