What Treatments Do We Use?


Massage We use traditional soft tissue massage which is relaxing, improves local blood flow and helps disperse fluid congestion. Deep frictional massage is often used to mobilise and breakdown scar tissue in ligaments and tendons.


Mobilisation Joint mobilisation is the application of a rhythmic and oscillatory movement to a painful or stiff joint either to improve movement of help reduce pain. It can be quite relaxing and generally very well tolerated.


Manipulation Manipulation is a highly specialised treatment and can be carried out on spinal and peripheral joints. The manipulation we use at the clinic is either based on the principals of orthopaedic medicine or osteopathy. We are trained in both sets of techniques and they can be quite happily used together. We use manipulation to release a localised joint restriction or to help correct a disc derangement.


Ultrasound Ultrasound is a mechanical treatment that utilises a sound vibration to mobilise collagen e.g. scar tissue. It is a highly effective treatment for the strains, sprains and muscle tears often associated with sports injuries.


Pulsed electromagnetic energy is an electrical treatment that is use to control inflammation in joints and muscles. This in turn will help to reduce the pain. It is often used as a pre-treatment prior to any appropriate manual therapy.


Interferential is an electrical treatment. It has four common applications. The commonest use of interferential is for pain relief. We often use it to produce an analgesic effect in cases of acute low back pain prior to manipulation or other manual therapy. It is also used to reduce oedema and increase local blood flow. The other application is to produce muscle stimulation. It can be of particular benefit in cases of pelvic floor weakness e.g. following childbirth.


Trans-cutaneous nerve stimulation is produced by a small portable unit that is used to help control mild or chronic pain problems. We can supply these units and instruct you in the most effective way to use them. It has also been used effectively for pain control during childbirth.

Spinal Traction

Spinal traction is a mechanical treatment that has proved helpful in treating small prolapsed intervertebral disc problems with resulting arm or leg pain. It is well tolerated and not painful as some people believe!


Acupuncture is a useful adjunct to more conventional physiotherapy. It is predominantly used to help control pain and can be used on its own or as a pre-treatment prior to any other manual therapy. It works by balancing the “chi” (energy) that has been disturbed by an injury or disease process.

Steroid Injections

Steroid injections are a de-inflaming treatment. Small doses of steroid can be administered to tendon sheaths, ligament and joint conditions to reduce inflammation and pain. This in turn helps promote a better and faster healing with less scar tissue formation. It is a safe treatment with fewer side effects than oral non steroidal anti-inflammatory products.


Exercises are essential to supplement our treatment programs. They improve the stability afforded to the joints that they work across. This in turn lessens the stress that the joint and ligaments has to endure. They can also be tailored to help combat the effects of poor posture and positioning of joints.


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